April 10, 2019

Construction Drawing Training In Ameerpet

The course is all about the preparation of drawings (GOOD FOR CONSTRUCTION).

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Our main focus is on converting the output from design softwares to drawings format, so that drawings are issued to site for execution purpose.

RCC drawing shows the layout of steel reinforcing bars in the concrete namely column centre line, footing layout, footing schedule, Typical beam framing layout, Plinth beam layout , Slab layout, Slab schedules column schedule, typical Staircase drawings. They outline the size and types of materials to be used, as well as the general demands for connections.

These drawings communicate the house plan design of buildings structure to building authority to review. They also become part of the contract documents which guide contractors in detailing, fabricating and installing parts of structure.

These drawings plays crucial role in the success of any structural construction and bidding process It provides a platform for planning and estimating cost for each phase of construction.

Structural drafter is responsible for producing working drawings that clearly describes the schedule and material involved for each phase of construction.

To generate accurate construction drawings the drafter must have thorough domain expertise knowledge of local building codes and relevant industry experience.

1. Introduction of Drawings

->Architectural plan given by Architect

->Schematic layout given by structure engineer.

2. Autocad Commands

3. Column Placement drawing

4. Center line drawing

5. Footing layout drawing

6. Footing schedule drawing

7. Column schedule drawing

8. Plinth beam layout drawing

9. Floor beam layout drawing

10. Longitudinal sections drawing

11. Slab layout drawing

12. Staircase layout drawing


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