April 19, 2019

Quantity Surveying Training In Ameerpet

This is the quantification/estimation of works for a construction project and costing them. Quantity survey is essential to estimate before the construction starts to know the probable cost of construction for the complete work.

The construction cost includes cost of materials, cost of transportation, cost of labour, cost of scaffolding, cost of tools and plants, establishment and supervision charges, cost of water, taxes and reasonable profit of the contractor, etc. The estimate is required in inviting tenders for the works and to arrange contract for a complete project.

In Quantity survey we estimate the quantities of the various materials required and the labour involved for satisfactory completion of a construction project.  It is also useful to check the works done by contractors during and after the execution. Also the payment to the contractor is done according to the actual measurements of the completed part of each item of work.

  • General Conversion Tables of Various Units
  • Fundamental Requirement for Estimating
  • Methods of Estimating.
  • Project Estimates
  • Codes and Standards for Estimation & costing
  • Construction Methodologies
  • Bill of Quantities & Cash-flow Graph
  • Daily Work Reports -Understanding Building works
  • Report Preparations
  • Earthwork – quantities
  • Concrete works – quantities
  • Shuttering works – quantities
  • Bar-Bending Works – quantities
  • Masonry works – quantities
  • Flooring works – quantities
  • Painting works – quantities
  • Flooring works – quantities
  • Special Treatment works – quantities
  • Fabrication works – quantities
  • Other misc works – quantities
  • Contracts and its Types
  • Tendering – process
  • Award of orders
  • Running Bills
  • Reconciliation
  • Valuation
  • Review and Close-out


Quantity Surveying Training in Ameerpet.
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