April 10, 2019

Rcc Detailing Training In Ameerpet

The course completely deals with practical perspectives i.e., it deals with reinforcement arrange,emt in different structural elements in a frame, upon the types of loading applied on it. It is one of the software applications created to help structural engineers to automate their tasks accuracy with a solution and to remove tedious and long procedure of manual methods.

Rcc Detailing Training in Ameerpet,
Rcc Detailing Training in Hyderabad.

Firstly the student is introduced to element and the behaviour of element in frame then the do’s and dont’swith arrangement of reinforcement in it.

1. General Requirements

2. Bond and anchorage

a. Transfer of forces

b. Development length

i. Lap length

ii. Anchorage length

iii. Types of lapping

iv. Cover and its uses

3. Expansion Joints

4. Detailing for bending

5. Detailing for shear

6. Detailing for torsion

7. Footing

a. Isolated

b. Combined

c. Sloped

8. Columns:

a. Curtailment

b. Column reduction

c. Ties

9. Slabs:

a. One way slab

b. Two way slab

c. Cantiliver slab

d. Flat slabs

10. Beams:

a. Simply supported

b. Fixed

c. Cantilever

d. Continuous beams

11. Staircase:

a. Dog legged

b. Open wall Staircase

12. Retaining Wall:

a. Cantilever retaining wall

b. Proper Cantilever retaining wall

c. Counter fort retaining wall


Rcc Detailing Training in Ameerpet.